A collection of stuff I've worked on. Not complete, not always up to date, but hey.

btrminixFS (GitHub)

A backwards-compatible implementation of Copy-on-Write and snapshot mechanics for the minix file system. Implemeted as a Linux kernel module.

Lively Offline (GitHub)

Making Lively4 available offline. Using the ServiceWorker API and IndexedDB, we intercept all network traffic and provide caching of idempotent requests as well as queuing of non-cachable requests.

BPTCoin (GitHub)

A custom cryptocurrency written from scratch, based on the Swirlds Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm.

Live Literate Editor (GitHub)

A live literate editor for JavaScript, enabling developers to define example values for variables in comments and see live evaluated results. This project aimed to create a prototypical implementation combining live and literate programming paradigms.

Lively Projectional Editor (GitHub)

A projectional editor for JavaScript that aims to give developers a better understanding of their program's Abstract Syntax Tree. Implemented in JavaScript using Lively 4, Babel and Google Blockly.

mds (GitHub)

mds (Markdown Structure) is a command line tool that displays the structure of a Markdown file and allows quick navigation by directly jumping to a certain header. Written in Swift using ncurses.

EYP Member Management (GitHub)

A web-application developed for EYP Austria and other National Committees of the EYP. The application is designed as a bare-bones core, most features are realised as plugins. This makes it very configurable and fast.

GermanC (GitHub)

A handful of defines that allow you to write C in German. Full of Umlauts and ß. Because why not.

Subscriptions.app (GitHub)

A (now defunct) Mac app that showed the latest videos of your YouTube Subscriptions and played the videos in your favourite local media player. Built out of frustration because YouTube kept changing and hiding the Subscriptions page.

Meneux.app (GitHub)

A (now defunct) Mac app client for TeuxDeux. It used to sit in your menu bar and pop up to show you today's todos.


Yet another URL shortener. Unfortunately, this lovely domain has been seized by dot.tk in March 2012, so ➟.tk is no more.

Doctor Who Timeline (Link)

A Timeline for the 11th doctor of Doctor Who created using HTML5 and dynamically generated SVG.